embodied futures explores possible futures, as well as the many hopes and critiques around them formed through memory and observation. This exhibition dreams of futures in which we are all connected with our bodies, the lands we inhabit, and each other. The future is to be determined - for us to be determined; to be determined to create a future of multiplicity, embodiment, and care. 

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Felix Bernier
Sonia Chow
Emily Davidson
Luke Fair
Heidi Friesen
Natalie Goulet
Alek Green
Jazz Keillor
Hossein Khodabakhsh
Claire MacIsaac


Colleen MacIsaac
Christian McGinty
Carrie Phillips
Marie-Soleil Provencal
Kayla Rudderham
Rena Thomas
Wiebke Schroeder
Selina Wamsley
Sydney Wreaks


When you think of the future, do you

imagine it, engage with it, challenge it,

gesture to it or near it, play with it, intervene in it,

create with it or to it, respond, and/or interact with it?

How do you feel when you imagine the future? 

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What do you hope the future feels like for you?